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August 2014

Jim Welsh’s August Macro Strategy Review now available.

July 2014

Now available: second quarter video commentaries from PM Aaron Visse, PM Jim Welsh, and Assistant PM David Janec. See all Forward videos here.

Read our Q&A with Norman Mains, Ph.D., managing director, chief administrative and risk officer at Forward, and author of Winning with Liquid Alternatives: How to Achieve Your Financial Goals by Investing in ’40 Act Alternative Mutual Funds.

From the Blog

Read Client Portfolio Manager Nic Millikan’s take on an investor’s best strategy for accessing frontier markets in The Three Cs of Frontier Market Investing.

Director of Investments Nathan Rowader believes one of the bright spots in the global stock market this past month is in emerging markets (EM). Read more in his latest post: Bright Prospects for China.

In the early 1900s, Argentina was a powerhouse in terms of income levels and economic success. This is a far cry from their current situation. Read EM Corporate Debt PM Ray Zucaro’s latest blog post: Argentina: the Good, the Bad and the Default.

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forward team video

The Forward team works hard to foster a collaborative spirit that transcends job descriptions and prizes shared results. Check out our our latest video to learn more.