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It’s official! Salient and Forward have joined forces. We’re excited about the innovative investment strategies our combined firm will be able to offer investment advisors and investors. Over the next few months we’ll be integrating our companies, including unifying our websites and our industry presence. We thank you for your support during this transition.

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Greg Reid, President, Salient MLP Complex, shares his thoughts on MLP performance in this recent article in the Houston Chronicle.

Ben Hunt, Chief Risk Officer at Salient + Forward and author of the widely read Epsilon Theory blog talks about the new “Goldilocks” growth rate, political genies and more in this August 3, 2015 FA Online article Alternative Experts Say Investors Face A New Game.

Jim Welsh’s September 2015 Macro Strategy Review is now available.

From the Blog

Chief investment officer Lee Partridge examines China and global debt in his latest post, The House View: What’s Good for China…

Portfolio manager Nicholas Millikan discusses concerns about China’s growth and the effects of a correspondingly grim outlook on the markets in his latest post, The Market Brief: China’s Slowdown Slows Down Global Markets. See the whole series.

In his latest post, Excess Causes Reaction, Chief Investment Officer Lee Partridge discusses 2015 so far and his thoughts on what the rest of the year will bring.

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Portfolio Manager Ian Goltra discusses the Real Estate Long/Short fund’s construction and investment rationale.

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