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April 2014

The Forward website is not affected by the ‘Heartbleed’ bug. We have also confirmed that no internet applications administered by our transfer agency, ALPS Fund Services – a DST Company, are vulnerable to the bug. Please contact us at (800) 999-6809 with any questions or concerns.

April Macro Strategy Review now available.

FINAL 2013 Capital Gain Distribution Information is now available on the Tax Information page.

About the Funds

Joel Beam, Forward Select Income Fund Portfolio Manager, talks REITs and preferreds with Reuters. And watch his recent interview with The Street, REITs on the Rebound.

The Crimea Fallout: Dispatches from Russia, from Forward Funds sub-advisor Pictet Asset Management, aims to shed light on the economic and financial issues surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Important Update on Forward Funds’ exposure to Russian and Ukrainian issuers.

Featured Media

Alan Reid, Forward CEO, talks about our company, our products and what investors are looking for in our latest video.

See Alan’s latest appearance on CNBC.