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Greg Reid, President, Salient MLP Complex, shares his thoughts on MLP performance in this recent article in the Houston Chronicle.

Ben Hunt, Chief Risk Officer at Salient + Forward and author of the widely read Epsilon Theory blog talks about the new “Goldilocks” growth rate, political genies and more in this August 3, 2015 FA Online article Alternative Experts Say Investors Face A New Game.

From the Blog

Portfolio manager Nicholas Millikan discusses market reactions to the potential December rate hike in his latest post, The Market Brief: December Firmly on the Lips of the Fed and Market Participants Alike. Read the whole series.

Lee Partridge, chief investment officer, compares traditional and diversified portfolios in his latest post, The House View: The Challenge of Diversification.

In the post, A Rocky Third Quarter With Opportunities to Come, portfolio Manager David Hinman gives his thoughts on recent EM debt performance.

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Portfolio Manager Ian Goltra discusses the Real Estate Long/Short fund’s construction and investment rationale.

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